The 2010 American Water Works Association Annual Conference and Exposition will be held in Chicago. The Illinois Section AWWA is very excited to be hosting this event as we did in 1999. The ACE10 is over one year away but hosting the ACE10 will require many volunteers.


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Here are answers to some commonly asked questions:


How do I get involved?

This brochure lists the different committees and their chairs. If you have any questions or are interested in volunteering, please contact the chair of the committee. You can volunteer for a specific committee by entering your information below.


I have never been to the ACE. I won’t know what to do.

This is actually a fun way to enjoy the ACE and meet other people from water industry. We will train you in what is expected of you. Many of the volunteers for the 1999 ACE had never attended a national conference.


Can I volunteer for more than one committee?

Absolutely. Actually most of the volunteers do volunteer for more than one committee. As long as the events staffed by the committees do not conflict there is no problem.

If I volunteer do I have to pay the conference registration fee?

The section has a limited number of free conference registrations. If your employer normally pays for your attendance to the conference we ask that you continue that so the complimentary registrations are available for individuals who normally can not attend. 

We look forward to meeting you and showing the world what a wonderful place Chicago is.

John Spatz
Chicago Department of Water Management    
Robert Martin
General Manager
DuPage Water Commission
Volunteer Opportunities -( # volunteers needed) - Chair of Committee - click to sign up
Session Monitors (150) Laurie Dougherty Click here to sign up
International Visitors Committee (10) Conrad Bazylewski Click here to sign up
2009 Booth Committee (30) Bev Thomas Click here to sign up
Facility Tours (15) Chris Ulm Click here to sign up
Tapping Competition (25) Tony Cuzzone Click here to sign up
Meter Madness (25) John Donahue Click here to sign up
Top Ops (10) Andre Dieffenthaller Click here to sign up
Welcome Committee (50) Catherine Hurley Click here to sign up