Water Treatment Series #102: This series consists of 3 videos: Chlorine Safety; Turbidity Measurement/Particle Counting; Disinfection By-Product Control. Total renewal credit training for viewing all 3 videos and completing tests is three quarter hour credit training. Chlorine Safety: This video will give you vital information about the characteristics of chlorine gas, health effects of exposure, gas masks and other necessary safety equipment and how to use it, and storing, handling, transporting and inspecting chlorine containers. Turbidity Measurement/Particle Counting: Explains the role turbidimeters and the particle counters play in measuring the clarity of water, assessing the pros and cons of each. It discusses nephelometric turbidimeters, various particle counters, and how both can be used effectively. Lastly, it shows why particle counting is becoming an important analytical tool. Disinfection By-Product Control: Get information on balancing the effective use of disinfectants while minimizing disinfection by-products, and explore the latest techniques for removing disinfection by-product precursors, including; enhanced coagulation, granular activated carbon, ozone combined with biological treatment and membranes.