Video Library: Videos are rented for a 10 day period, so you will want to plan when you anticipate showing the video. The cost for video rental is as follows:

AWWA members or small systems as defined by Illinois EPA - $10.00 per video including one participant guide/test. Additional tests can be ordered for $5.00 per each participant.

Non-AWWA members and anyone not qualifying as a small water system will pay a $20.00 video rental fee, plus $10.00 for one participant guide/test. Additional tests can be ordered at a cost of $10.00 per each participant.

Mastercard or Visa credit card number is required as a deposit. A charge of $100.00 will be assessed for unreturned videos. There is no charge for shipping videos, although the participant is responsible for return postage and shipping. Illinois Section AWWA has grouped some videos that are shorter in length and will be renting them as "one video" to maximize renewal training credit hours along with minimizing shipping costs.
VIDEO RENTAL LIST - Print out this page and fax to 630-449-0016 or
 request video's via this on-line form.  Please print out form and fax to 630-449-0016.

_____#100 Distribution Series
_____#101 Water Treatment Series
_____#102 Water Treatment Series
_____#103 Water Treatment Series
_____#104 Operator Math
_____#105 Case Studies in Source Water
_____#106 Routine Coliform Sampling
_____#107 Security Risk Assessment
_____#108 Alternative Disinfectants
_____#109 Distribution System Repair,
Rehabilitation and Replacement
_____#110 Automation and Instrumentation
_____#111 Taste and Odor in Drinking Water
_____#112 Roles and Responsibilities of Operators, Managers, Owners
_____#113 Surface Water Treatment
_____#114 Groundwater Treatment
_____#115 Storage and Distribution
_____#116 Monitoring
_____#117 Managerial Responsibilities
_____#118 Financial Considerations
_____#119 Emergency Preparedness

Reservations - Please print or type. Please order one video or series at a time.

AWWA Member no:

Payment Information:

_____ Check enclosed made payable to: ISAWWA
_____ Purchase order number __________
_____Please invoice me, attention:____________

_____Mastercard or Visa

Card #__________________________________

Exp Date: ________Signed:__________________

Please send video at $________
Please send additional tests/guides at $_______ea

Enclosed please find the total amount of $________

_________Date requested for video rental

RE: Contact Hours and Certificate Renewals for Illinois Certified Water Operators. If your certificate expires on July 1, 2003, you will have to obtain your contact hours. If your certificate expires in the years 2000, 2001 or 2002, you will NOT need contact hours this renewal.

If you have a class A or B certificate, you will be required to have 30 contact hours.
If you have a class C or D certificate, you will be required to have 15 contact hours.

In summary, all certificates expiring in years 2003 and after, will be required to have the above contact hours earned during the three year period prior to the renewal date. Contact hours earned over the required amount, may NOT be "carried over" to future renewal periods.

After completion of the seminars held by ISAWWA, a certificate will be mailed to you to reflect the appropriate contact hour training credit.  Operators then must submit their training via the operator submission training form available from IEPA.